In the dimming light Pastors and parishioners move slowly. Why isn’t it functioning and why are some many leaving the church? I see a crowd pointing at various effects while the reason is hidden in plain sight. Dusty knees and sweaty brows, from diligent hunting, both pastors and pewsters indicate real concern.kindlecoverjpg

Jesus above them on the cross is the key, yet still unused. They do not believe. They cannot. It is too simple, too costly. They pause to consider but soon go back to moving furniture for the missing element not feeling Him hover. He lingers in view, the only light in the room.

The cross sounds trite. It is passé to say “All you need is love.” Sacrificial living sounds very lofty, assigned to Protestant saints: ten Boom and Wurmbrand. If I point to the commands to love God and your neighbor, each nod in zombie-like agreement. Everyone appears to know but it doesn’t add up. If we know the value of love, what is the problem?

Rules for Christian Radicals points out how to overcome the Church’s ineffectiveness. The book deals primarily with the model of sacrificial living not as a great idea but as a mandate.

The ideas of this book are practical and doable. It deals with the costs and challenges. This book also helps individuals develop a plan to carry out this mission. In order to further the reader’s experiential knowledge they need to network. This network is called Operation Deluge at This is a site where there are FAQ’s, stories shared, and wisdom given by those who serve as generals in the unseen army of sacrificial lovers.

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