Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Surrounded by Antinomians

I thought a great theme for this blog would be Invasion of the Body Snatchers . Wikipedia gives a short description of the movie, “The story depicts an extraterrestrial invasion in a small California town. The invaders replace human beings with duplicates that appear identical on the surface but are devoid of any emotion or individuality. A local doctor uncovers what is happening and tries to stop them.”

I See Zombies!

I blog like many of you and I recently began a Pod Cast. My friends have been sharing them. The other day one was shared on another Christian blog. The comments were scathing stating I was a legalist and promoting salvation by works.

It is like the movie, but with fake Christians in the body of church goers. It is like this movie and I’m the doctor. These alien creatures pose as Christians. They talk like us and they go to our churches. They are virtually indistinguishable until you say that word.

Like a silver cross or Holy water they scream. When you imply, suggest, hint, elude, mutter under your breath the word they squeal in pain at its utterance.


Did you hear the dramatic music that accompanied the reading of the “O” word. lol

Their face twists and jaw drops to dislocate, drool drips off their teeth,and blood spews from eyes as their body stiffens, and in a rough smokers voice they squeal “It is by grace!!!!” Pretty trippy huh?

I think we need a zombie hunt. Taking down zombies…now that’s fun.

Do you think they feel it? Do these aliens creatures know they are not one of us? Is there a way to tell?

Here is a sure test, the final and definitive test.

If love doesn’t come from your faith…you are a zombie.

2 thoughts on “Invasion of the Body Snatchers

  1. Great post, A.P. will be excited about hunting Zombies! Seriously it is a real problem, and when you describe antinomianism and then describe Lordship Salvation, some Christians will recant and say “no I believe in Lordship”. I think its important to memorize the two definitions correctly so we can help Christians re-line their thinking. I need to spend some time on this so I can articulate it well, so there is no confusion.

    1. “Antinomianism”, this is the first time i have ever heard of it. Are these Christians “protestant”? Because Martin Luther supposedly coined the term. hmmmm…interesting. Thanks Uncle Cliff 🙂

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