Who needs a false prophet?

I’ve seen a lot of things over my years in “Church.” I’ve heard outrageous things . Teaching is run-a-muck. People will believe almost anything in some Churches and allow the most bizarre behaviors under the guise of  a “Move of the Spirit.” People can buy the strangest things when their heart is open to the fantastic. It’s disgusting and there will be a payday.

Who do you see?

Although this is true. The worst is not the misleading that goes on in these sort of so called Churches or the half-gospel message of “Believe and be saved.” but what we do to ourselves.

Who needs a false prophet when the gospel and scriptures are so mishandled by each individual Bible reader. Remember the scripture Isa 53:6 “We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

Remember something about my writing. I’m writing not to the “Bad Christian.” I wouldn’t bother to right about them, it would be like beating a drunk bum. I’m talking about us, the ones who are the regulars: The “good” ones.

The scripture are used for convenience. It has been our upbringing in the Church. I could give many examples and I have many examples in my blogs.

Here is a new one to illustrate my point. The other day I was speaking to a great Christian man, we will call him Ed. I think he is good in every way and a leader. I told him of a young man who has two kids and is now caring for two others not his own. He is poor but saw the need and jumped in.

My friend Ed said, “Wow, it is great he has a heart for those kids.” I retorted “What?” “Are you kidding!” “What Christian wouldn’t have a heart for them?” In amazement, with his eyes broadened, I asked, “Does Jesus have a heart for them? Do you have the Spirit of Christ?”

You get the point. But would you do? Would you send them to Child Protective Services? What excuse would you use? Would you confess, “I don’t have a heart for them?”

Where I live people know I will help. Whenever someone needs a place for a vagabond or even a Christian in need they call me. Why? Because I have a heart for them? “No!” No, I do not have a heart for them aside from Jesus. I want to reason “Why,” like everyone else. Why can’t I help or shouldn’t I help? But Jesus has a heart for them. He loves all the people he has created and is just dying for us to quit discriminating.

Self-bias is rampant and each in honey coated Christian jargon exuce themselves with reasons why they can’t do anything. I would say if you do not have a heart for any one person, you do not have the heart of Christ. Enough selfish prophesies!

Who needs I false prophet? Look in the mirror.

If the shoe fits wear it. If you think it doesn’t, be careful.


  1. “Self righteousness” is dangerous for anyone. It is a trap we can easily fall into. Easy, squeeze Christianity can lull a person to sleep standing up cuz comfort is what we desire, not service. So if we rather feed the flesh, the Bible calls that result a carnal Christian. So many deceptions laid out before us that the required “washing by the water of the Word” reveals itself by application or lack thereof. Wide is the gate to destruction, narrow is the way and few will find it… That verse alone should cause us to seek Him and His righteousness and the results are on going as the Potters hand takes us through the process of change!

  2. I was reading what some one wrote a couple of days ago how we (my self) wwill pray “Jesus go with me as I go about your will doing _____.” The point was made of how arogant that is to say that because Jesus is already there amongst the poor, needy, etc. And I expect Him to follow me! How am I following Him? To your point, If I am a Christian, a little Christ with the exact DNA so to speak, my heart it there. No qualifiers ie. “giftings” and such. Arghh. I waste so much time and lives.

    Thanks for speaking straight to the heart- no pun intended.


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