Sing me to sleep. Try!

I can’t sleep I don’t think pills will help. I read trying to grasp something but get sweet lullabies they merely turn me off.

Do they encourage me to burn, burn bright? Do they insight more than drool on my pillow?

Songs of fire like gasoline on a flame.

Don’t put me out. Jesus burnt, he burnt hot, white light. Songs to sooth, melodies to drown out the cries.

I want to hear them. They move me. I can’t be satiated, I won’t. They think I don’t understand; I know why.

Songs of useful idiots playing his game, it doesn’t work on me I saw their faces. Branded on my mind I see the coming demise.

I won’t grow dreary, no drugs needed. This crib can’t hold me I have a plan.

These serenades are blasphemous they are spit in His face. Burn, burn the cry, cry their song, storm their hill. We will not rest, we cannot.

Ditty me to death. Ditty me, while they hopelessly wait. Sing, amusement and repose, it ain’t going to happen.

Won’t turn to a conscience’s bend of chorus of can’t. Can’t: Won’t: resolve, denial, revulsion and a Peter’s promise. I won’t sleep I cannot rest.

Songs of warning an anchor saying you can’t work your way. I’m not worried about His grace it’s good as gold and sure as Fort Knox.

I won’t lose. You call this brash, I call It fire, I see Him there no chicfied man. Was it His works or love you Judge. I’ll burn you decide.

Lullaby, lullaby, lull to sleep, never mind, sorry to stir, go back to sleep little baby it won’t hurt. Rock me, rock me.

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