The Holy Spirit is creative and loving.  He is ambitious and bold.  Nothing can stop His work: He is always; always ready to work.  Since this is true why is there so little production from His mechanism:  The Church. 
Flame the Spirit
Many think we should tarry.  We should bring about the reenactment of the Upper Room experience.  We should wait for Tongues of Fire.  This has been tried for generations with little or no result.  Since we wait and wait in vain prayer we claim with confidence the Spirit isn’t ready to pour Himself out.  So we wait a little longer.
How do you think He works?  Does He always do it the same way?  I remember being with a group who by “Faith” were doing the Jericho March in Olympia, Washington around the Capital Building.  I was a new Christian and followed the directions of those leading.  We were convinced for the cause of Abortion He would certainly act.  The Capital building would collapse at the feet of His faithful on the seventh turn and the blow of the trumpet.  You probably didn’t read about its collapse in the news.
The Holy Spirit directed each of these Biblical Historical events as the faithful obeyed.  The Disciples went in obedience in the Upper Room and prayed and waited as commanded and they received the promise.  Israel march around Jericho as ordered, blew the trumpets and the enemy was vanquished. We know each of these events were singular. 
We do not conjure the Spirit into old schemes.  He won’t be mocked.  He leads by His command and acts as He creatively determines as we obey.  He commands, we act, and He delivers.  It is profane: Tempting God, quashing the Holy Spirit: Blaming Him for not caring: Waiting while the World’s populace perishes.  Blasphemy!
Jesus is the Head, we are the Body, and He is the Spirit.  Remove one component and you do not have a fully functioning God engine.  Jesus is the Head, the Brian, the Spirit is Life and each are ready and available: unchangeable ready and powerful:  They cannot be blamed. The Body is present but not active.
Then what is our problem?  We are waiting for Him to do it for us.  Like Israel dragging their feet to the Promised Land hoping the Spirit would smite their enemies without the Men battling.  This is disgusting and abhorrent and I’m not wrong.  He punished them for their disobedience.  Will it be less severe for us who claim His presence and power:  A form of Godliness but denying its power?  The synonyms for the word Deny are: reject, negate, prevent, stand in the way, and disavow.  We have the Bible and doctrines and even take His name.  We accept the ritual but we stand in the way of the Power of the Spirit.  Pray but do not tarry, He has already commanded.  
We are to blame.  Look no further.  Whenever you say “No” you deny His power and block the way of deliverance to the souls that will perish.  When faced with a need do I say “I would but,” or “No way I’m helping him because…”
Many times we’ll say the Spirit told me this-or-that.  But really let’s be honest.  It is a feeling not a voice, right?  Be honest.  We hide behind our sense of the Spirits leading.  We actually think it God Glorifying to say “He didn’t call me to help with this-or-that.”  Like, yeah “We wouldn’t want to get in trouble for doing too much.”  What a joke.  We desecrate Him when we have a clear command in the Word and do not do it:  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  We must break ourselves of this sacrilege.  Enough of this perverted understanding of the voice of the Spirit.  Read it and obey His clear commands:  God is Love.  Love your neighbor as yourself. 
 Today I spoke with a Christian man who lovingly cares for his 95 years old mother.  PTL!  But if it were your mother, well she would be on her own.  He doesn’t feel responsible to lift more than a worthless and compassionless prayer.  He won’t lift a hand to help.  He isn’t bad but just a normal “Christian.”
If you won’t care for them the Holy Spirit won’t do it for you.  You do it and He helps.  Remember He is our “Helper.”  He is the power you are the instrument.  In short let’s quit blaming the Spirit for our laziness and lack of love.

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