A grant is a great way to finance help for the homeless. You can not help them if you don’t have money. So getting money from the “government” seems like a great way to go. I can make a job for myself and be paid to help the poor. But wait.
Hey, I would like money to help the poor too. But I can’t see why I should use your money to do what I aught to do myself. Your ” money” is taxes. I take grant money that was taken from you to support me and help and few vagabonds. Everybody is happy, right?
I’ll bet the overhead for operating through a complex tax code, bureaucracies, and the actual overhead of the program, well exceed what actually gets into the hands of the poor. I read a gallop article that says 50% of tax money is wasted. Now say only 50% of your tax money gets to the program that serves the poor through a grant. That means if you were taxed, through all the possible means, you may have paid let’s say $1,000 in taxes. If all your tax money went to the poor, no more than $500 went to help them. So there is an option here. You give $500 directly to the poor and keep the other $500 or give the whole $1,000 to the poor. You decide! But think the government did nothing.
I met a guy who I’ll call Ed, who wrote a very good short story of a true event. He wrote of himself when he saw a hungry homeless guy. Ed couldn’t bear the pain of watching him dig in the garbage for food. So he took initiative and grabbed some food from the restaurant he worked in and gave it to the pitiful wretch. How magnanimous!
But why didn’t Ed give his money? He couldn’t see that he was a thief and his boss was the philanthropist. But, Ed of course came out looking like a hero. I can’t help wondering if I had been there if Ed would have robbed me. What if I would have resisted? Scares me to think about it. lol
Don’t you wonder why Ed didn’t buy him something to eat? Maybe he didn’t have the money. But then he could have asked his boss or called a friend to see if he would help. The point is, we need to help directly.
It saves money gets more to the poor and stops the “legal” thievery by the government. Just thinking out loud…

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