If a dog has no owner and is cold outside, you bring him in and give him help. When there is a person cold and wet outside your door you call the cops? Is this really who we are?

I know people can be scary and dangerous. We see the news and the horrible things that happen. If someone comes to your door, I can see you really might not want to let them in. I get that. But when would we help? How bad off does the person need to be?

I know we have been conditioned. We have a refined fear that has been developed over our years of experiences and media. But I tell you, this blade cuts both ways. When we are in need people tend to look at us strangely, yes they do. They wonder what our angle is and if we can be trusted.

When faced with a decision to help, we do a quick in-perceivable calculation in our mid. It is a risk benefit analysis. “What will happen to me?”, “What will I get?”; are very natural questions to ask. No wonder we do not help others. We understand very quickly upon completion of the mental calculation that we will get a kick in the pants and be out some time and money.

However, I believe most of our persona l”prophesies of doom” never are realized. This ought to teach us something. We simply feel security is more valuable, than a minor risk; than the benefits of attempting to help a person. Even if the person we help doesn’t hurt us we are still afraid. But maybe only scared they may annoy us or interrupt our valuable lives. The one we help is truly the only beneficiary. I know you may still wonder “What is in it for me?”

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